Service Expectations

Service Expectations? Well, that depends on who we are talking about - the customer actually using the machine, or the management of the site / company where the machine is located.

Customer Expectations

For the customer, the answer easy: "I want to put my coins in, receive my selected product, and get change." Okay, pretty simple stuff. And that pretty much sums everything up for most people. At SWA:) it is that simple.

What if it doesn't always work as it is supposed to?
"It has to be reliable, but if something goes wrong I want it fixed quickly and my money back."

That sounds reasonable, and at SWA:) we wholeheartedly agree.

What about products?
"Yes, I want the vending machine to stock the products that I like."

Management Expectations

For management, the usual first response is: "What vending machines?"
Alright, once it is established there are machines supplied by SWA:) on-site providing drink and snack services to the staff, they want to know: "How much is this costing us?"

I suppose that nothing else could be expected... except "I don't want it distracting the staff or costing time." However, when pressed a little further:

  • "I don't want it distracting me"
  • "What about Public Liability and OH&S?"
  • "They are contractors on our premises. What if they hurt themselves?"
  • "What if someone gets sick from a product?"
  • "What if someone gets electrocuted?"
Alright, now we are getting somewhere. Everyone want all of these points addressed, but you cannot expect the cheapest drinks in town, the latest equipment, a premium service and fully insured all at once... can you? If not, what are you prepared to compromise on? On behalf of your company, would you sign a document accepting all liabilities for this external vending business, including injuries sustained by them, or site damage caused by a malfunction in their equipment, and/or any other type of liability? Of course not! Nor should you, but consideration would likely be given to a backyard or upstart vending company working part time and with no insurances, using old equipment, having a limited product line, but hey - cheap drinks! Hmmm...

The reality is, shop around and you will find little or no gap in having a professional, fully insured, competitive vending company that has been around for more than 20 years - And meets all of the above criteria.

Key Area Question SWA:) Back-
  • Late model?
  • Note acceptor?
  • Commercial quality?
Yes Maybe Maybe
  • All manufacturers?
  • Variety of package sizes?
  • Juice?
Yes Maybe No
  • Public Liability?
  • Workers Comp?
  • Product Liability
  • OH&S?
Yes ?? Yes
  • Would you prefer to support an Australian owned and operated business?
Yes Yes No
  • Fast breakdown response?
  • In-house technical?
Yes Maybe Unknown
  • Paid on the spot?
  • Guaranteed?
Yes Maybe Unknown
  • Friendly?
  • Responsive?
  • Professional?
Yes Maybe Unknown

Vending companies can be generically ground into four primary categories:

Type of Vending Business General (and only general) Description
One man, home based A good operator here will provide a great personalised service, but a bad one will be at the other extreme. In other words, there is a large spectrum of possibilities. Could be totally uninsured and wholly cash run.
Mainstream, commercial businesses
(SWA:) fits here)
Professionally operated. Employs staff. Run from commercial premises, meets business obligations including most insurances (Public liability at least). Still provides personalised service, usually good technical depth, generally a good quality company.
Multi-Nationals Restricted product range, okay to poor service response, full depth technically and insurance wise. Mediocre, but predicable. You can be customer number 324526 in area 423, with sales rep #827 (for the moment).
Site Promoters You are no longer a client, rather a commodity to on-sell. You likely won't be told this. Deals often seem to good to be true... guess what? They are not responsible for the ongoing business commitment needed. You end up being part of an advertisement in the "Business Opportunities" section of a newspaper, usually starting with something like "Easy Money..."

Of course everything looks slick and professional including insurances, etc... but you will have no idea or control of who you may end up with.


There are some good vending companies out there, and we are pleased to know many of them. Choose wisely.